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Do dogs leave a legacy? Petey was a lovely dog who played constantly and taught Honey to play a game with toys. He was young when he died. Now Honey has taught Mikey to play this game. It took her about 4 months to get him to play it the same way....Petey's legacy. Mikey and Honey both loved toys but never played with them AND another dog. At first they were rivals for the toys. But we could tell Honey wanted Mikey to play like Petey had played with her. Mikey was pretty neglected when we got him and seemed to be withdrawn. He has really come out of himself and become a very loving dog. All three of the dogs mentioned came from CCR. We thank Donna and Larry for giving them all a chance at life.  Pat and Brian Nadig posted February 13, 2011


Patrick and Sadie are the best 2 dogs we have ever had. Sadie in March of 2010 and Patrick in February of 2009. Everyone that meets them falls in love
with them. Larry and Donna should receive a medal for the work they do.  Bob and Linda K posted January 16, 2011


Christmas of 2005, my only daughter went away to school at age 13. I have been a single mom most of her life and the seperation was unbearable for me! Two years prior, we moved 15 hours from our home in Pittsburgh to Hilton Head and knew absolutely no one. I was also very attached to my mothers two cocker spaniels. With the absence of my daughter Allison, I began searching on Petfinder for a cocker spaniel of my own. I fell in love with Cocoa. Donna at CCR was fabulous and very expediant with getting the adoption processed. Cocoa truly helped fill the void of my empty nest syndrome. She became the new girl of the house and provides me with the hugs and kisses that I so needed coming home from work each day. Since that winter, we have adopted two more rescues, Molly and Melody. All three of our girls had very sad and terrible stories. People can be so cruel! Thank you CCR and Donna for all of the wonderful work you do with these

Jenna and Ken F Posted December 14, 2010

So glad to discover this organization. I lived in Northern Virginia for many years and supported the Oldies but Goodies Cocker Rescue there. I am thrilled to know there's a wonderful organization here helping my favorite breed! I have two cockers and they are the most wonderful dogs ever! I look forward to supporting this worthy cause.    
Martha T   Posted September 29th, 2010

You are doing some very noble work. Without you and your friends so many of these loyal animals might never have a decent home.   
Wayne H   Posted August 9th, 2010

I am a proud mommy of 3 non furry babies and 2 furry ones. We adopted our Cockers 11 years ago when they were 11 weeks old and 6 months old. Although they were not litter mates they were furry sisters. We lost our first baby several months ago. How the tears have shed at our house. I know she has her wings and watching over us. We have given our other 11 year old baby plenty of attention as she was so lonely. My rescue doggies have been the most loving and wonderful friends. Trash to someone but a real Treasure to me. Keep up the great work at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue!   Christy S Posted June 26th, 2010

Yesterday was quite an experience for us. We spent the day helping Donna save the lives of two lovely female cockers at the shelter near here. Everyone at the shelter loved Molly, who they found with at least a year's growth of matted fur and a lame front leg. They thought she had been hit by a car but it may have happened awhile ago. She also has heartworms and isn't spayed. She was terribly neglected and mistreated by people. Yet this cheery little dog charmed the staff at the shelter and seemed to love everyone she met. She sat on my lap while we waited for Chrissy, the other dog. Hopefully she will make it through the difficult medical problems ahead. I know we will be praying for her.

Chrissy is a beautiful dog, well taken care of, but then dumped at the shelter when the family was moving. Hard to believe that you can do that to a member of the family. She was probably with them since she was a puppy, and not socialized with other dogs. She was only at the sheter two days, and was probably afraid but then calmed down and was very good on our trip. Brian took Chrissie on a couple runs around parking lots and thought that she would get along well with our dogs. The exercise seemed to help a lot. Molly loves her and Donna tells me they are still friends. Molly is a calm dog so I'm sure she is helping Chrissy get used to other dogs.

Hopefully both dogs will have new homes soon. What lovely animals. We are thankful that there are kind people like Donna and Larry out there caring for these sweet animals.
Pat N   Posted June 19th, 2010

 We adopted Kristen in February and our daughters renamed her "Callie". Callie is such a joy and a great addtition to our family. She and our male English cocker spaniel have so much fun playing together. Toby didn't really like dogs until he met Callie, and now his favorite activity is romping with her in the yard and the house too. I have such high regard for what Donna and Larry do at Charlotte Cocker Resuce, and we adore Callie, our new, sweet, loveable bundle of furry joy!
Elizabeth C   Posted April 17th, 2010

We adopted two boys (Toby and Travis - now known as Teddy) in January. They have both adapted quickly and wonderfully to their new home. It's an awesome thing that Larry and Donna do, giving these Cockers a second chance at life.

If you are reading this and you have never tried adoption or rescue, we would highly recommend it! Dogs certainly know when they've found their furever home and are very grateful.
Beth and Kenn W     Posted April 10th, 2010

 We love our little boy "Grumpy" Gus. He came to us thru CCR with Larry and Donna just one short month ago and has quickly become a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you both for all you do to find these loving animals forever homes, we are grateful. Gus is adjusting well and learning new skills everyday. Thank you for giving him the second chance he deserved.
Pam C     Posted March 20th, 2010

I adopted my precious Cody from CCR in May 2006. He is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without him!! I am so thankful for Donna and Larry for taking care of these babies. Keep up the good work and I will send a donation when I get my income tax!
Lori P    Posted January 9th, 2010

Thank you for the Rainbow Bridge Page. I just had to put my English Cocker of nearly 15 years old to sleep on Friday, October 23, 2009. Sandi Lynn was my best friend all of those years. I will be glad to see her again one day when we cross rainbow bridge together.
Connie Russell  Posted October 25th, 2009

I adopted Lulu in February 2009 from CCR & she has adjusted well to her new home. She brings a smile to my face & joy to my heart everyday. I love her dearly. Since I am unable to adopt another Cocker right now, I have registered my Food Lion MVP card to help CCR find forever homes for the other dogs. Lulu has found her forever home, my brother said she won the NC dog lottery when she came home with me.
Maureen R    Posted August 9th, 2009

Keep up all your wonderful work!!
Becky W      Posted June 29th, 2009

Just wanted to let you know that Bessie (now Lola) has fit in great with the family - me and Izzy, my other rat terrier. Lola is the most loving, fun and gentle dog I think I've ever meet. She and Izzy hit it off right away, as if they've been together for years! Thank you Larry and Donna for taking such great care of her until she found a loving home with me.
Chris C    Posted June 16th, 2009


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