I am a life timer here at CCR and I sure could use some Angel Sponsors......I am a senior cocker who was rescued from a life of neglect for my vetting needs and care. Now, I am enjoying life and I know what it's like to be loved. My skin was so infected that my coat was full of mats and I had several teeth that were rotted and had to be removed. I had 5 tumors that also had to be removed-- they were malignant grade 2.

My vet expenses have been costly for this rescue and these kind folks have certainly gone the extra mile for me. I will be on hypo-allergenic food for life at $83 a bag, Denamarin for liver support $86.90, treatment for Addison's disease on top of having Cushing's disease, $102.43 and cancer herbs and skin supplements $71.26 I also get weekly medicated bathes and acupuncture to support my immune system. Please help these folks to care for me, I am doing well and happier than I used to be ............Please donate today to help with my care and medical costs.

I am 10 years old and a shy girl. My lack of trust indicates that I was rescued from an abusive past life with an owner who just didn't care about me. I have been at this rescue for awhile now and have made good progress with my issues. I will always need a lot of TLC, patience and understanding.

At a vet visit, they found glaucoma in my one eye as it was bulging and painful, so it had to be removed. Now, I need glaucoma eye drops every day for life at $79.99 a bottle and I will always need to be on hypo-allergenic dog food for intestinal disease......... $98 a bag.

Sponsors Needed and Appreciated: I am a reddish, buff 7 1/2 year old cocker boy. I came to rescue from a life of human neglect for my medical needs. I have a heart murmur that was caused by heartworms and I needed treatment which has been done. My recovery went well but I need to be on monthly heart medicine, liver support Denamarin and I need to have bloodwork checked every few months.

I am due to go back to NC State for a follow-up on my heart to update heart medicine dosage. $200 is needed for X-rays and Wellness, my NC State visit will cost $596; both of these sometime in February if these folks can raise the funds. I will also always be on hypo-allergenic Venison dog food for my intestinal disease. Please help with my care.......I would appreciate a few sponsors to help with all my vetting needs.

I am 7 years old and I came to rescue awhile ago from an abusive past. Now, I have Autoimmune Disease and my dreams of finding a forever home are gone. I will be a life timer unless a miracle happens and someone adopts me. Please donate to my care to help these folks pay my vet costs to keep me comfortable.

I require regular eye drops for the loss of blink reflex in one eye, and 6 month wellness check ups to make sure that my Autoimmune Disease is still in remission. I cannot have any vaccines as it might trigger a deadly blood disorder called Thrombocytopenia. I will also need an ultrasound done every 6 months to monitor for cancer and liver problems. Please help these nice folks to pay for the care that I need.........Thank you for your kindness!