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The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....




Chancey Pooh Bear

Our most precious baby cocker spaniel.  My little Mr. Wiggles I would call you as your little tail always was so happy.  From the moment I set eyes on you that horrible hot day so skinny as a 5 1/2 month old cocker puppy being literally starved to death, and so thirsty no water to drink it broke my heart.   I had gotten a email and call about a baby whose owners had him outside in the extreme elements and one dog died from no food already.   They family first said they would give you to rescue but then wanted their money on you instead.  I gladly gave them the $200 and then contacted animal control and social services.  The collie finally got help.  We renamed you from Arthur to Chancey Pooh.   The first food was a plain burger from Hardee's and you could barely eat it.  It took most of the several hour trip home to eat.   Then we went to the vet on Monday and you weighed in at 8.5 pounds for a young cocker puppy.  You had no worms, but your bloodwork showed signs your body organs were starting to shut down.  We got you in time to turn that around.  As weeks passed our baby Pooh would eat and smile and drink your water.  I miss that smiling face because you would eat a bite of food and look at mommy and smile.  You drank your water, and oh how you loved your toys.  First we thought we may place you for adoption but in the end decided we loved you so much we couldn't let go.   A few years later we almost lost our dear Pooh to liver failure but we got you over it.  Then you had several more years of a happy life.  Pooh Bear we loved you, and you so enjoyed our many trips to the mountains for the days, and enjoyed the beach trip.  I always enjoyed Christmas so much as you enjoyed all the toys you got.  You would get so excited to get new toys, you smiled, and carried them around.  The most precious moments were when we took you to Pet smart and got a new talking toy.  You took it from me and carried it all the way through the store charming everyone.   I asked them not to take it from you but scan as you held your treasure.  Then off you carried it all the way to our vehicles.   Mr Wiggles/Pooh Bear you were a big part of my heart and you put up a good fight when you got cancer.  I am so sorry it was a form I couldn't do anything about.  We protected you and shielded you trying to prevent any bleeds  until the day came the blood cancer started rupture.  You held on and a week later we had to painfully say goodbye.   Pooh Bear your brothers miss you so and mommy does too.   You are once again reunited in heaven with so many of your brothers especially Freddie.   You and Freddie were so attached and he left the world too soon to liver disease.  I know you missed him terribly but are reunited.  Pooh Bear no other dog will be as special as you were.  Your Wiggle but, and smiles are always a part of me.   We loved you so much.   Pooh Bear March 2002 - May 23, 2013
Poohbear and one of his special moments Christmas toy when we found out he first had cancer in Dec 2012, his last trip to Banner Elk last year, and then one special picture of him from Oct 2012.


Our dear baby girl.  I am so sorry you died without us being able to say goodbye.  You were a good girl and how you loved to get in those wild haired running sprees.   You were always so bouncy and would walk with your head held hi on our walks when you were younger.  You loved to play and were so smart.   Your brothers and sisters are all reunited with you in heave now.   Bambi you were always so mischievous getting into so much trouble as a puppy.  It is amazing how you survived the many times  you got into trouble especially yanking the power cords out of the wall in the garage.   You hated crates, put holes in stainless steel boys it is a miracle you had teeth.  You were a silly loving girl.   We miss you and loved you Bambi even with all your quirks.   Rest in peace baby.   Feb 1999 - Nov 9, 2013


Our wonderful loving gentle giant.   The day I stopped to help animal control so many years ago save you.   It was shocking to them how they spent over 30 minutes trying to coax you to them but upon my arrival you came and almost jumped in my arms.  I asked if any hopes I could take you home and they allowed me to do so due to the area you were found.  One dog got away and one was caught.  You were a red chow chow mix puppy about 6 months olds.   It was suprising that you were housetrained so quickly, loved every dog and cat.  You never hurt anyone and got along so well.   Only in the end when your health were failing you and your sister Bambi were getting so ill with each other.   Beethoven you were a loving boy always so happy to see us when we returned.   Your wonderful loving personality charmed all who knew you and you were such a trooper when it came to the massive ear problems you had developed.   Everyone was always happy when you came in to the clinics.  We miss you Beethoven so much.  I miss you happy tail you would beat us with.   You were so loving and loved your sister Jezzy so greatly.  You constantly always washing her face.   Rest in peace sweetie.   Beethoven 9/1/2000 - 12/7/2013


Our loving happy lab mix baby.  Always having a ball in your mouth and growling a happy one.  You would want us to play all day long if you could.  You were always so special as Larry brought you home as a 3 month old puppy.   You got along well with most all dogs and never hurt anyone.   You would pitch a fit when daddy came home seeking his love and attention.   I miss your happy face as you always had one until the bone cancer robbed your life.  Jezzy you were a trooper with the ear surgery, and constant medical care in the end.  Your sweet loving soul will always remain a part of our hearts.   Missed so much by your family especially your daddy Larry.   Rest in peace baby 1/1/2000 - 4/5/2014


Oh what a sweet little soul you were.  I am so sorry that your owners neglected you so and threw you away.   We got a email about a little girl said to be 6 years old needing a rescue.  Turned out sweet Polly was more like 9 years old and had cataracts and a perianal tumor and intestinal issues.  We tried so hard to get you better but was not able to do surgery.  You struggled so hard to eat, but just couldn't and it was so difficult for you to potty.   I am so sorry the cancer and intestinal disease left neglected ended your life.  We loved you for the few weeks you were in rescue.  It was a very sad day we had to decide to let you go.  Polly we hope you are now happy once again and are healthy.   Rest in peace sweetie.  6/13/2004 - 7/18/2013


Oh what can I say but how I miss you so much.  The day we got a email about you and your sister Lillian two babies who were scared in the shelter needing our help.  We said yes we would talk you and arranged to pick you both up from the vet.  They couldn't alter you at the time as you both had kennel cough.   How I remember you and Lillian romping in the back yard so happy to be free.   Life changed so much for the better when you came to us.  You had heart worms and when it came time to get treatment you almost died.  We fought hard to give you every fighting chance.   You survived against all odds.  From that point forward you became a mascot for the rescue.  Every where we took you folks loved and adored you.  You were always the gentleman loving everyone, babies, children, dogs and adults.  You loved the human interaction so much you would cry when folks left you.  You wanted them to come back to give you more attention.   Then one day you got so very sick last year after surviving 3 years in rescue.   We thought you were back but turns out in the end you developed liver failure.   Landon my heart aches as I miss you so much.  I am so sorry I let you down and wasn't able to do anything to stop the disease.  By the time symptons were known it was too late as you had no fight left.   Landon we will always miss your smiling happy personality.   Always wanting to go riding, always loving people and charming all you crossed paths with.   Rest in peace sweet Landon 6/2003 - 11/2/2013 


Hi folks my name was Sophie and my owner went to a nursing home.  I was turned in to the shelter at 14 years old.   Rescues wanted to help but senior dogs like me are too often overlooked.  Then my rescue CCR took me in but it was a bit too late because I had developed pneumonia in the shelter and didn’t respond to the medicine the rescue Vet gave me. 

My rescue took me back to the vet as I wouldn't eating and I was breathing much harder than the day I came to rescue.   My rescue was heartbroken as the X-rays showed I had a collapsed lung from the pneumonia and was suffering.  CCR tried to save me but in the end had to send me to heaven.  I went so quickly as I was so tired.   Thank you Kater family for trying to give me a chance and the shelter.   My CCR foster mommy cried and said goodbye to me.    

Sadly 2 days after coming to rescue the kindest thing to do was let her suffering end.   It didn't have to happen this way but unfortunately for Sophie her time was cut short.  

3/2000 - 3/29/2014   Rest in peace Sophie you were loved. 


This is how I best remember Archie on beautiful fall or spring days in the back yard. 


Seymore 11/14/2008 to 2/21/2011

Seymore it broke our hearts the day we had to make a choice to let you go. Life wasn't fair to you and we are so sadden that we could not help ease your great pain. You were truly a very remarkable little cocker boy and we loved you. We will be reunited again one day and know you are now pain free. Good bye little Seymore.

Rusty 7/23/2001 to 6/26/2012

Rusty our hearts ache so as we loved you so much. You came to rescue and little did we know you found your home with Larry and me. Through all the silly antics you displayed and the rough times you remained strong till the very end. You so loved your toys and balls. Tennis balls were your favorite things to play with and now you can once again chase all you want. As your heart got worst you still had the will to live till the last day. Rusty we miss you and we loved you so dearly. We are so glad you got to enjoy a few trips to the park and mountains along with our other babies. Rest in peace dear Rusty our dear sweet lover boy and a charmer. You could charm the pants off of us and everyone you met.

Oreo 12/12/2000 to 5/26/2012

Oreo nothing can make loosing you any easier to endured. Our hearts know you are reunited with your original owner who died and left you behind with your sister. Later to be rescued and came to our rescue and then found a forever home we thought. Our hearts broke the day you were returned to us having cancer and nothing could be done but keep you comfortable. You fought hard to survive and spent your final months with Rusty and our family. We loved you Oreo and know you loved us. I hope that you are now pain free and will be waiting to reunite with us one day. Good bye sweet baby as life just was not fair to you

Snapper 7/3/2002 to 12/12/2011

Snapper words can't express the pain of loosing another one of my babies. The day I rescued you and your brother Sonny was so joyful. Several times we found what we thought was forever homes but I just could not let you go. I so loved you baby and miss the silly things you did. I miss calling you Snap Snap and your brother Sonny so misses you.

My dear sweet boy if I could of made you better I would have. We don't know why we lost you to liver disease but know you held on as long as you were able to. Now you can rest in peace and reunited with many of your other babies who left us. Snapper you were one of the sweetest cockers we owned loving all dogs and people and children. Your smiles are so missed. Rest in peace our dear little boy Snapper.


Tessa 2/21/2007 to 10/15/2012

Tessa was a sweet little girl whose life was cut so short. She got along with all people and her tail would wag when we took her places like to the groomer and vet. Tessa you so deserved much better than life gave you on this earth.

We hope you know we did love you and are so sorry we failed you. You were a sweet heart and now you are no longer in discomfort or sad as you are surrounded by many babies before you with love. Rest in peace dear Tessa.

Kylee: 09/04/2010 - 08/15/2012

We adopted you from our local shelter at 9 years old. You were a sweet, wonderful, very reserved little lady, with a great smile. You warmed our hearts, greeted us at the door and loved to bark and carry on while I would fix your dinner as you stood alongside your other two spaniel pals, hoping that I might drop a small tidbit, just for you.

Our lives are different without you, you were a wonderful companion. We were so sad when the vet diagnosed you with an aggressive lymphoma, so we just made you comfortable until you couldn't hang on anymore. You were a wonderful "best friend" and you were far more than just a pet, you were a member of our family. Good bye sweet girl, we love you!


I remember the first time we met....I was conducting my monthly shopping routine and there you were....and you took my breath away. As soon as I saw those eyes I was hooked. Do you believe in love at first sight? I sure do; you made me a believer. I took you home and Daddy and I joked that your stub was permanently attached to your sphyncter muscle but after about 4 months it detached....and about 2 months took on a life of its own but it didn't were TWIRLED!!!

And so it began......"twirly twirly bum means life is FUN"....and yes, Major, it was finally fun for you.....after all those years of pain and neglect - life was good - finally! Our time together was too short and your time with the good life was too short but it was WONDERFUL and we wouldn't trade it for anything!! Our lives are shallow without you.....our hearts sink listening for your stride down the hall and our tears flow when we look into your open cot but we know you are now at peace. You will be in our hearts forever.....but I knew you were going to touch our lives like that. I knew it from the first time I looked into those eyes! RIP Major Magi

Jenn & Tony Bongiorno and your siblings:  Baxter, Coco, Sadie, Bella and Onyx


Moses: Cocker Spaniel, Dog; Kannapolis, NC
Moses: Cocker Spaniel, Dog; Kannapolis, NC
Moses: Cocker Spaniel, Dog; Kannapolis, NC

You were always a part of our family & it broke our hearts when you were taken from us too soon. We know you are healthy & whole once again, never being hungry as you were in the end. We hope you know how much we love & miss you. 12/2001 to 10/30/2010


Pop Pop
We rescued you from certain death in May of 2009. You and Freddie were the best of buddies and you have now been reunited with him as you wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.  You will always remain a huge part of our heart and soul.   Rest in peace now as you are no longer suffering.   5/1998-9/4/2010


Rest in peace little Moses. We only had you one short week in rescue and it breaks our heart to know how much you already suffered in such a short life. We moved heaven and earth to save you. Shame on your former owner for how she neglected you and the other dogs. You are resting in a green meadow now

Petey, lovingly remembered by

by Pat and Brian Nadig

I called him “My Sweet Pete”.  We only had him 2 years, and he was only 3 ½ when he died but while we had him, he changed from a fearful shy dog that would pee every time someone talked to him, to a bright happy loving playful boy.  He changed from squealing from fear when he got too close to someone to pulling towards strangers to say “hi” to them.  He had some funny quirky behaviors that we will never forget. 

I will miss you. May you find the all happiness over the rainbow a dog deserves. You were the best. - Buster passed in February of 2009.
You were the sweetest girl dog I have ever met. May you find all the happiness over the rainbow a dog deserves. You were the best girl ever. - Callie passed in April of 2008.

You were truly a precious and sweet soul. May you find the happiness and companionship over the rainbow you could not find here . We truly loved you. - Precious passed in May of 2008.
You truly deserved the best home on God's earth. We will miss you so very much. May you find the happiness and companionship over the rainbow you could not find here . We truly loved you. - Rocky passed in August of 2008.
, we will miss you so very much. May you find the happiness, love and companionship over the rainbow you could not find here . We truly loved you. - Nick passed in March of 2009.

We loved you so very much. May you find the happiness, love and companionship over the rainbow you could not find here . We will truly miss you. - Andrew passed in July of 2009.
We will truly miss you. You deserved a better life than we could give you. May you find peace over the rainbow. - Prince passed in June of 2009.


In Loving Memory of Triple -

We miss you very much !

You were the best dog! We Love You!

, You will be so sadly missed. May you find the happiness over the rainbow we were never able to give you here on earth. You were the greatest dog. - Elvis passed in May of 2009.


You came into our lives in 11/09 when your owner died and his daughter asked the vet to euthanize you.  Thankfully the SC vet wouldn't do that and called us to save you. At 13 years young you loved everyone from the smallest toddler, to the oldest adult and all dogs. You, Pop Pop, and Freddie were buddies and I remember how you liked to sleep on the bed and get all the rubs you could.  I know this because if I stopped, you would reached out and paw me. Larry and I love and miss you but know your are healthy once again. Samson passed in March 2011.. 


We miss you so very much.  Rusty lived from 5/26/99 and passed 4/17/10.  He was the much loved pet of Rick Burrus. Rusty now rests at the Rainbow Bridge.







The beloved member of the Savell family, Parker now waits at the Rainbow Bridge with his friend Abby. Although they know he is no longer in pain, he left a really empty spot in the house.  Rest in the green meadows Parker.




He was born 12/12/95 and passed to wait at the Rainbow Bridge 3/26/11.  Boomer gave so much love and joy to Donna and Larry each day always being sure to be their little protector. Thank you for the special happiness you brought to their lives and everyone that knew the little guy that Donna always called "her special little boy". 


The Turek’s adopted Mollie on Labor Day weekend 2003. Sadly, their sweet, devoted, and loving little girl passed on September 9, 2011. Your family misses you so very much.


Charlie Roxie
Our dear beloved companion left us on 8/24/2011 from cancer.  We rescued him in 2001 after he had been abandoned and tied out at the Laurel, MD vet clinic on 9/11 early that morning.  The sign around his neck said his family could no longer care for him.  He was frightened to death and several rescues tried to find him a home or a foster but none came until we drove to get him.  We loved you and you came so far to be one of the best cockers we've had.   You loved your mommy dearly and you loved your daddy so much.  I still laugh telling folks how you had Larry climbing the kitchen cabinets to avoid being bitten in your early days.  Soon Larry became your best buddy.   We only wish we could of had you a little while longer but it wasn't meant to be.  Sammy, we hope that you know how much we loved you.  Rest in peace baby now reunited with so many who have left us.   Your memorial bench will be *Perhaps they are not stars * in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones, Shine down to let us know they are happy.  9/11/1998 - 8/24/2011
Charlie, my heart and soul cocker spaniel.  Gosh, words can't begin to be express how much you meant to Larry and me.  You needed us as much as we needed you.  Everyone who met you loved you so.  You touched everyone's hearts wherever you went.  You were the perfect cocker spaniel in every sense of the word.  You loved children, babies, and all people while enduring so many health issues and surprised everyone with the will to live.  My bench to honor your memory one day will be "Our hearts still ache with sadness, and secret tears still flow, What it meant to loose you, no one can ever know".
Goodbye my baby Charlie; you are once again reunited with Bucky, Brownie, Precious, Boomer and so many more.  My love for you will never stop baby.   7/28/1996 - 9/12/2011

Sweet little Roxie.  We only had you for a 1 1/2 years and our hearts hurt so much missing you. 

Rest at the Rainbow Bridge.

The MacLeods


Sophie Dowling
Niko Baby Disney

Sophie came to live with me when she was 6 weeks old and lived a wonderful life.  My baby.  I miss her so much.  I have another cocker named Cash (he is chocolate).  He is 6 and has helped me get through all of this.                 July 29, 1997- February 21, 2012

Niki Lou….her nickname…was our baby from the moment I laid eyes on her.  She and I cried all the way from Charlotte to Raleigh; she because she was so sad and me because she was so sad….her family had abandoned her and now some strange lady was taking her far away.  It didn’t take long for her to realize she hit the jackpot.  She settled in, we got her health problems under control and her new Daddy was her hero!  She slept between my legs every night where she knew she was safe and secure.  Her Daddy took her to work with him every day and rarely was she out of his sight.  She adored him and he adored her.  She traveled everywhere with us; if she couldn’t go, we generally didn’t go.  Her two sets of grandparents were suitable and adoring sitters; we relied on them when we had to leave her.  Our house still feels so empty without her.  She gave us 7 wonderful years of her life and we miss her so much.  She is now in doggy heaven with Jenna Wade, our former cocker, where I am sure they are chasing kitties and balls! – Niko’s Mommy

Disney, my Angel and my heart... You are missed beyond words and will always be close to my heart and soul. Until I see you again my Little Disney -Woo







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