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These are just of few of our cockers that found their loving For-Ever homes. Please click on Our Adoptable Pet page to view all of our adoptable pets. If you are interested in Adopting one of these wonderful dogs, Please go to the Contact Us page or go to our Adoption Process page to fill out one of our Adoption Forms or contact Donna Carpenter at director@charlottecockerrescue.com




Lucky has since been adopted and we are awaiting to hear from Lucky's new owners!


Davey has since been adopted in a very happy home. Please check back for more information on how the family is doing!


I’ve been rescued from a life of nothing but neglect and now know what it is like to be showered with love in my foster home.  My skin was so infected that my coat was black and full of mats and there were several teeth that were rotted and have been removed.   After they freed me from all the matted hair they found that I had 5 tumors that needed to be removed.  It turns out they were malignant grade 2 and they did fortunately get clean margins.  The rescue folks are taking great care of me and are committed to seeing me restored to good health.  My initial vetting was $1327 and we sure could use some angels to help sponsor my care . 




Baxter was nine years old, August 1, 2012. Rescue animals are just so appreciative of adoption and it is shown in their never failing love, faithfulness and desire to please their owners. Their devotion is without question. Cliff and I love Baxter beyond any Cocker Spaniel we have owned. He was our first rescue but not our first Cocker Spaniel. "Jamie's Baxter Duke" is without a doubt the love of our lives.

We seldom leave our house without taking Baxter with us but in times when we must, he is waiting at the door for us when we drive up. Baxter loves to play with all his toys and is ready to play with anyone whom will toss and fetch with him. He just makes us smile every day. He sleeps on our bed every night and guards the doorway. He is without a doubt one big loving lap dog but he was not that way when he first came to us.

We expect by his earlier behavior that he was abused sometime prior to coming to you. Your love of dogs and your care are outstanding in caring for these wonderful dogs and in adopting them out. Kudos to you always.

Kindest regards,
Jamie and Cliff


You may or may not have heard that Sharon and Alan (AK) lost their beloved Abbe, a Cocker Spaniel that had owned them for over 11 years, on August 26, 2013.  She suffered from Cushing Disease and severe Ambulatory Issues.   

They first thought they might not want to be owned by another fur person.  However, the loneliness and  emptiness of the house was more than they liked.  They missed being controlled and the emptiness of the house was intolerable.   

When Abbe’s death came across the Cocker Spaniel Media outlets, I decided I might try to adopt Sharon and AK.  I was living in the Charlotte Cocker Rescue shelter.  I needed to get a place of my own again. My last owner was delightful.  However, she was in the Military and had an extensive amount of travel commitments. Hence I was often left in the care of others and was lacking in attention.  So my last adoptee finally sent me to the shelter in the hopes of me being able to adopt a caring family who had time for me.

After waiting several weeks from Abbe’s demise and the loss pain to ease, I put a message on AK’s computer telling about Charlotte Cocker Rescue shelter. He was immediately impressed by all the information.  So they were amenable to an older more sophisticated owner. I am 3 years old being born on 7/6/10.  I have already mastered most of the human control programs.  In fact, I already hold a Master’s Degree from Cocker University in adoptive human control.  It was easier than taking candy from a baby that I got AK to fill out the application.  In the meantime the advertisements and pictures made him show all the Cockers in the Shelter to Sharon and their daughters.  They helped us sell the idea. Several weeks and e-mails later it was decide that I would interview them on September 22, 2013.  I had had them investigated as well.  After all, I did not want to subject myself to losers. They passed the background check with flying colors.  So on 9/23/13 at 7:30 AM I became their adopter.  

When we arrived home I immediately took charge.  I explored the whole house and settled in the kitchen where I can control the most activities. See picture two above. They have two runs for me.  One in the back yard and one in the front.  I have plenty of length and use a good deal of the yard space.  Met the two girls next door.  They were charming and gave me some great petting.  Met their kitty and we connected very well.  I understand that Abbe meant a lot to the neighborhood children.  Seems every child on the school bus knew her. She passed out Halloween candy treats dressed as spider dog.  I am sure I can take over this job.  I’ll soon control those kiddies and the love will be mutually fulfilling.  Will be meeting Hollie, Sharlyn’s dog controller.  AK calls her granddog.  Also will be meeting Laurie’s cat family.  There is real discussion as to who controls people better dogs or cats. Don’t know if an answer will ever be found.

Spent my first day and night in on couches and in bed with Sharon and AK. I am careful not to show favoritism.  Sharon seems to do all the primary care for me.  AK walks and plays.  Makes a good combination. Think this will work out fine.   Will be supervising AK’s yard cleanup for the winter.  In the meantime I send you my very best wishes for health and happiness.

Miss Jolie K


Zoey Bella

Words can never express to you how much joy we've brought each other these last 2 weeks. I'll be honest, after the loss of Dudley & Rupert, I was so scared I wouldn't be able to love like that again; I was wrong.

This little girl has brought so much happy to my life. I'm living again, truly, and its all because of her; I've no doubt.   All the people who have asked where Zoey came from, I'm selling CCR so much. I want all of the babies @ CCR to have beautiful homes such as Zoey has found. It's so possible, people just need to know where to begin their search. 

Thanks to you and Larry again for EVERYTHING!

Anything y'all need, never hesitate to reach out.





Mighty Moe has an affinity for fetching his favorite tennis balls.  It’s so cute at how super smart this little man is when he asks for us to take him outside to play or potty; he will put his head on our laps, look at us with his sweet brown eyes, and whimper a bit until we start to move for the door.  We also can’t help but laugh when he starts hunting around the house for whichever ball he has in mind that he wants to play with outside or inside.  Moe fits into our life so perfectly that it’s almost hard to comprehend life without him around.  He continues to make us laugh and is quickly becoming a more confident well balanced cocker boy.

Moe was at Charlotte Cocker Rescue for 2 ½ years.  We want to say to anyone thinking about adopting a cocker spaniel, please… don’t overlook adult dogs like Moe who have easily treatable medical conditions.  Moe may have allergies, skin and eye problems which may cost additional one hundred or so dollars a month, but having Moe in our life is well worth the nominal expense so his conditions can be easily controlled. Donna and Larry at Charlotte Cocker Rescue have done such a wonderful job with Moe we can’t thank them enough, and appreciate their continued work and service with helping all cocker boys and girls find loving families.  Our little man also enjoys sleeping in our bed with his big sister Sasa and waking up each morning knowing that he has found his Forever Home.

Thanks for everything,

Ann-Marie and Dennis Parrish



 I love Lucy!

Julie Jones has had many Cockers over the years and write about her favorite little red head:

The best Cocker yet, has to be this little 5 yr old redhead that I adopted New Year’s Day from a Cocker rescue group.  Her name is Lucy…you know, I love Lucy/Redhead!?! And this dog had been abandoned at an animal shelter in the area.  She’d been kept outdoors all her life and neglected and underfed.  Today she is the most loving, affectionate dog … gaining weight, liking that she can sleep and live indoors, who thinks her new Mom is the most wonderful person on the planet!  I’ve started calling her Lucy Grace because she reminds me of all the second chances we get and how just when we think life is pretty rocky, God provides us with a new day, a new love and a new life….second chances at grace.  Julie Jones




Our hearts broke when Donna received a call in February 2010 about a blind dog that had just given birth and was living outside in the frigid cold and snow.  She was unable to reach food or water as she was tied to a tree by a log chain.  Thankfully CCR was alerted and took her into rescue.  From the moment I saw her, she was in my heart.  Cookie is an extremely young 8 year old that can now see those that love and adore her for the first time since she was a couple of years old. She knows what it is to have food, a warm home and bed, and medical care after having over 15 rotted teeth removed, life saving hernia surgery, and sight restoring surgery since coming into rescue. She loves watching our ducks, playing with toys, cuddling up for a nap, and watching TV.  Thanks to the donors that responded and made saving her life possible! 



Sammy       When I first saw Sammy on petfinder I knew he was my boy.
I had recently lost Charlie, my springer spaniel, and was looking for a replacement for him. Sam looked just like Charlie but in a smaller size.
In talking to Donna she said Sam would need to lead a sheltered life, that he was terrified of most people and strange environments. When I drove down to Charlotte to pick him up, I understood her concerns. She had to put him in the car for me, I was not able to get close enough to pick him up. I would bring my dogs to the office with me and whenever a customer would come in, I’d say, "be careful of the brown and white one, he's not so friendly". He soon came to trust me, but he was very mistrustful of people he did not know. His mistrust of men, very pronounced in the beginning, was eventually broken when he realized that a male figure would play with the tennis ball WAY more times than a women would. I don't even remember when I stopped cautioning people about Sam, it just happened as he became more confident in himself and those around him. I knew my worries were over when I saw the little girl next door throw her arms around his neck and give him a big hug. The last big hurtle came at the groomers a few months ago. Sam would have to be sedated for any Dr. visit or to be groomed. His last session with the vet came and went with no problems; no sedation, no muzzle, no hysterics. Just a normal visit to the vet for his annual check up. It didn't happen overnight, but the terrified little boy I picked up that day 5 years ago has become a very well adjusted, happy, friendly little guy. I think when you see such a remarkable change in such an emotionally injured animal your heart has a special place for them. My heart goes out to all those other wounded animals that someone might be afraid to take a chance on. The rewards will be yours. They are mine.  Susan Daniels


Meet Bessie's new family!

I recently lost one of my rat terriers to heartworm disease that she had when I adopted her 9 months ago. I wasn't planning on adopting another dog so soon after Gracie's death, but Izzy - my surviving rat terrier - really seemed to me missing a companion, plus she was not eating well. When I saw Bessie's (now Lola) picture, I thought she would be a perfect addition. Then when I talked to Donna Carpenter on the phone, I knew she would be. Donna told me she was calm and loving and that is exactly what she is. She also has great manners and is well-trained. She has a super friendly personality that everyone she meets comments on. I could tell from the very first moment I met her, she was the one. She jumped in the car and sat just like a passenger ready to go for a ride to her new home, and then that night when she jumped up in the bed and crawled under the covers with Izzy, I knew SHE had found HER home. We are so very lucky to have found each other. Thank you all so much for everything you do to help these loving pets find loving homes! Bessie/Lola is such a wonderful addition to our family.


Conner Found His For-Ever Home!

You and Larry certainly did a great job with Conner! He is adorable and very happy and well adjusted. He loves following me from job to job all over the house, up and down, sits at our feet when we finally sit down or cuddles up next to us, sleeps on his "blankey" next to our bed, walks 1 1/2 miles with me daily and is thrilled to explore our yard then he races for the front door after doing his business. He does have a bit of an upset tummy but I got him some pure pumpkin just now (Elizabeth had been advised to use it when Beau had his adjustment time. He is a happy boy! Thank you so much for the effort you put into making him such a secure boy and helping me find the best dog.

Many thanks to you both, Peggy



We love our little man.  It is hard to believe how he has grown in size and in our hearts.  Grumpy or now as we call him "Gus" is a very productive member of our family,not the feral little pup we picked up so many months ago.   I still can't believe anyone would describe a 4month old puppy as unadoptable and charge him with death.  Thank you again for saving his life and bringing him into ours.  We love him so much and could not imagine our lives without him.  I have not had the best health these last few months and Gus has proven to be a wonderful companion.  I stay in bed most days and he stays by my side.  My husband calls him my shadow.  He is good company to me and I can not tell you how comforting.  Please keep up the wonderful work that you do and don't ever loose hope.  Hope is all we can always afford.  The Chitwoods



Honey & Petey!

We adopted Honey when we found out that one of our older dogs had cancer and probably 4 months to live (she lived 5 months). Honey brought joy to that older dog as she seemed to enjoy watching Honey play. Then we lost the other older dog to another form of cancer 5 months later, we were devastated. Petey seemed to be meant for us. He loves to play and has livened the whole house up. He was afraid of people at first...we think because he grew up in a rescue and didn't spend any time with people. But we have been working with him and when our grandchildren visited this summer, they all loved Petey!
I could probably write a book about our dogs. They have meant so much to us.

Sincerely, Pat & Brian



Major finally has a home!

Major - A happy ending Major's day finally came! While at an adoption event at PETCO in Kernersville, Jenn and Major made an instant connection. Jenn called her husband Tony and asked him to come to PETCO and meet Major. Jenn and Tony opened their hearts and their home to a wonderful 8 year old boy that has a lot of love to give and lots of life to live. Major was a very shy boy that joined a family of 5 other dogs. His Foster Mom sent great news about his progress: 1st progress report after 5 days in his new forever home: "Major and his siblings had a terrific weekend! He played outside and enjoyed the weather. The tail is about 80% untucked now and wags about 30% of the time. This morning he took off and started running around the yard - not long, but it was joyous to see. Big smile, wagging tail and a very happy butt. Last night he played with Bella. It's almost like he's a puppy?? He's been "mouthing" me and pawing at the twins (2 Springer pups) to play. It was cute. Only for about a minute and a half, but it made me cry. " Progress report from Major's Mom after just 2 weeks in his forever home: "Major had another milestone last night…..he started playing with a toy!!!! Tail is always untucked and wagging most of the day - probably 70%+. Tony said he used the doggy door to come in tonight. AMAZING! We love him so much and he just seems like a very natural part of the family." God bless you Major and God Bless Jenn and Tony for taking a chance on an older boy like Major. The joy and love rescued kids give is truly amazing.


Oreo - A family at last!

Oreo and I were in Greensboro visiting my folks over the holidays and had hoped to call but just ran out of time. We got back to the Outer Banks on Saturday afternoon because we had a big fishing trip planned for Sunday. It would be Oreo's first time on the boat! We had a great trip. He was good on the water although he wasn't as interested in the fish or the live eels that we caught them on as I thought he'd be. But he did seem to enjoy himself. I'm attaching pics of Thanksgiving with family and the fishing trip. We started obedience classes two weeks ago. I'm failing....Not much of a disciplinarian although I know he needs it. He got a bit snappy with the kids this weekend after two and a half hours of non-stop playing and screaming! I don't blame him and warned the "big kids." But he's my little man. He is so happy.

Hugs, Teresa


Manchita - A forever home for this wonderful dog!

We love having her and she has turned out to be the sweetest dog. Very loving and affectionate. She needs her hugs pretty regularly. Today, she chewed on the back of my husbands chair...oh well...I can't have any more chew toys on the ground for her as I'm beginning to trip over them! Thanks for all you do to take care of these babies.

Tracy Oldenkamp


Hattie - A wonderful home for Hattie!

Hattie is an amazing dog! She is perfect in every way and has been a joy to have in our lives. I call her Happy Hattie as she is always happy, always your friend and always shares her love to everyone who meets her. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful dog.

Maureen Paris

Kenny and Chesney

Chesney (formerly Ollie) came into our life in May 2008. When I first met him, it was love at first sight and I knew he was "the one".  He is one of the best cockers you will ever meet and I love every day because of him. Donna and Larry took wonderful care of him the 8 months he was in rescue.

In August 2010, Kenny (formerly Nash) caught my eye when I was on the Charlotte Cocker Rescue, Inc., website checking out cockers in need.  Again, it was love at first sight!  Kenny's former owner was negligent and did treat his bilateral cherry eye or heartworms and he stayed in rescue with Donna until they could be treated. He is my "miracle cocker" because if it wasn't for Donna, he would not have lived.  Her tenderness, care and concern pulled him through.  Since getting Kenny in October 2010, he and Chesney are inseparable.  I will forever love my cocker boys and I will always take care of them.

Thank you CCR for all you do for the cockers. 

The Clewleys


Lucy now Maggie- Finally a home to call her own!

Maggie is doing wonderful with her new family. She is such a joy. She brightens every day. We love her very much.


We love JJ !

One of the most rewarding things I have ever done is to volunteer for Charlotte Cocker Rescue. Each dog has it's own story and seeing them find great homes is the absolute best reward. Thanks to Donna & Larry for all the hard work you put in 24/7 and to the wonderful adoption and foster families, sponsors and volunteers. JJ came into our house as s foster kid with the curiosity, innocence, and energy of a 2 year old toddler. The 2nd day we had him, he began going up and down the swing set ladder and down the slide (check this video out on the main page) all on his own. Each day he amazed us and made us laugh more than the day before. We looked into those wonderful eyes and knew we didn't need to look any further, JJ HAD FOUND HIS HOME WITH US! He gets along wonderfully with everyone and we love him so very much.



Sparky is a Hit!

A Happy Ending for Sparky

Thank you so very much for bringing Sparky into our family. He has been a hit with the entire family. He did well last night and has enjoyed playing with Gabby.

Thanks again, Wayne, Katherine, human brother Hunter & Gabby, his new 11 year old doggie sister.

Meet Toby and Teddy aka TnT

Our love of Cocker Spaniels began about four years ago, when a sweet little guy (Sweet'Tater) found our home and chose to adopt us. After his passing in December 2009, we knew that Cockers would be the only furry friend to share our home. In January 2010, we welcomed the New Year by adopting two sweet Cocker Spaniel boys (Toby and Teddy) from Charlotte Cocker Rescue. TnT collectively have settled in nicely to our home which included a three year old cat, Yahtzee and a 16 year ++ Lab, Whirlie. We couldn't be happier with home full of love.

We thank CCR and all the foster families and volunteers who kept our boys safe and sound until we found them!

Beth and Kenn Webb

The little powerhouse we call "Taz"

Looking at this photo, you'd never know what a tragic life she had led before coming into rescue at the age of 2.  Horribly matted, blind, and scared, she had to be sedated 3 times to free her from the mats that prevented her from raising her head and walking. Taz, formerly known as Trixie, thrived in the care of Larry and Donna and is no longer the dog found on the website homepage under "Urgent Needs".  Shortly after this photo was taken she had her bilateral cataract surgery giving her the sight she had not had since being a puppy.  Life is so very different for her now and she enjoys being with her family as well as exploring the outdoors and experiencing a pampered life. It is good to be Queen! 





Jack found his perfect home

Formerly known as "Duke", his mom says it best:  "Jack continues to thrive…happy to say that he is as lean as ever – I take him for a run ~4 mornings a week and he loves chasing squirrels in the backyard.  He is quite respectful of older neighborhood dogs – very cute to see him with 14 yo Daisy (chihuaha) and 14 yo Teddy (Golden) – and then there’s his buddy Cappy (year old yellow lab) who likes to play as rough as he does.  And of course Ellie is great at keeping him in line".  Bonnie Pobiner

CCR thanks you for seeing the joy this little guy wanted so eagerly to give. 


Lucky Bob wins with a full house!!!  I thought I would share our adoption story with you. My husband and I were thinking about adopting a pet for a while but wanted to wait until our children were older. We happened to come into contact with Charlotte Cocker Rescue when we were visiting the antique show in Huntersville in August. We met several dogs and were touched by their stories. We made contact with Donna to discuss fostering an animal because we were not sure if we were ready for the commitment. A few weeks later, we brought home Lucky Bob as a foster. We quickly found him to be loving, playful and loyal. He loves to relax in my husband's office all day when the kids are away and knows it is time to play when the kids get home. We always felt that our oldest would do well with him but were initially concerned about our youngest adjusting to adding a dog to our household. She is extremely shy, has a verbal delay and can get quite frustrated as most two-year-olds do. Since bringing Lucky Bob home, our toddler has done an amazing job respecting his space and approaches him in such a gentle manner. She has even started talking more and as soon as she returns home from preschool searches for "Ucky Ob" so she can give him a kiss.

When Lucky Bob was sick last week, we just knew that he was meant to be ours and felt it was unfair for the Rescue to continue to take on the burden of his care. I would once again like to thank you all for everything you do and for helping Lucky Bob become a part of our family. You not only make a difference for these animals but also help teach people about compassion, selflessness and responsibility.

We took this photo yesterday and the expression on our daughter's face as she is getting a Lucky Bob smooch sums up the joy he has brought our family. 



Freckles finds his special home

So we don't foster well. We have now added a third Cocker to the family. We decided to foster Freckles, an 8 year old male overweight Cocker. I had transported him from a shelter to the rescue and while I only had him a few short hours, I just knew he deserved a chance and fostered him a few months after I picked him up. We just fell in love with him and adopted him also. Now just a few short months later he is an in shape senior dog that is loving life. He brings to us far more joy than we could have dreamed of. Everyone just loves him and he has fit in so well. Thanks Charlotte Cocker Rescue!  Love ya Donna Carpenter. The Katers





We're so thrilled to have Clark in our family. He's been with us for about 3 months, and has made his presence known! He's a consummate lap dog, and if he can't have a lap, is content with either the sofa or a bed. He loves toys and is frequently seen with one (or two) crammed in his mouth. None of his toys have any ears, arms, or legs remaining, but he prefers them that way! When he's not trying to squeeze through the cat door or sneak into the bed, he spends his time happily carting toys from one room to another. He's missing a lot of teeth from his years living in poor conditions, but still has a big smile on his face every day. He's very smart. He learned very quickly where treats come from, how to sit and look like a perfect gentleman, and how to get carried over the snow so his feet don't get cold! (Maryland weather wasn't quite what he expected!)

Despite his rough beginnings, he has become a joyful and loving member of the family. We are so very grateful that he fell into the capable hands of CCR and was able to get the medical attention that he desperately needed, and the opportunity for a second chance. Taking on Clark and his buddies, who were all in such great need, would not have been possible except for the donations and support of all of the caring people who donated to help dogs they had never met. He's such a great little guy-- we feel lucky to have him!







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