Meet Oscar/Jax, a 6 1/2 to 7 year old, neutered, red cocker boy. In 2014 he was picked up by animal control and taken to a shelter early am the Friday of a holiday weekend. They thought that he had been hit by a car, he had a bad leg that seemed to be in a lot of pain. The staff held him to see if an owner would show up, and when they did, they signed him over to the shelter saying that he wasn't hit by a car. He injured himself trying to escape their yard. The shelter contacted CCR and transport was arranged.

He is a sweet boy and his leg recovery went well once he got proper care to heal, with no further issues. Quite awhile back, he was scheduled to be shown to an interested owner, but then he had a bite incident that happened and we pulled him off the website. Because he is a good boy most of the time, we have been diligent to work with him and have made good progress, but the issue it is not solved. What we have learned, is that under extreme distress/stressful situations he has bitten badly twice. We have given him the benefit of time and a 2nd chance, by working continuously with him and he has not tried to bite again in over a year and several months. He can go for grooming at the vet, but must be muzzled, and he will always need to be muzzled for vet care. We are looking for an adopter/home who is a dog experienced owner who will not push him or tempt fate, but will allow him time to re-adjust. He can be a very loving cocker boy and will do well with another dog friendly, dog social pal that he can hang out with. He WILL NOT BE ADOPTED OUT OR DO WELL WITH ANY FAMILY HAVING YOUNG HIGH SPIRITED CHILDREN as they bother/irritate him in the worst way. He is in good health and we just need to find the right owner who is willing to work with him, not quit on him when things get tough and will give him positive re-direction as needed. WE DO NOT and WILL NOT put him into a home where he will be returned like an unwanted, thrown away piece of trash. He needs security, a stable home environment and NO, he is not a dog for just anyone. He needs to be with an experienced owner who understands his behavior issues and is willing to take a risk to help him be a great companion despite his biting issues. If he bites, he does not let go until he is done!

** No kids of any age, only one dog in an adult only home and you will need to sign a contract saying that we have disclosed his behavior issues.

THIS COCKER BOY NEEDS AN ADULT ONLY HOME WITHOUT KIDS AND ONLY ONE OTHER DOG IN THE HOME. He has been a biter in the past so he needs an experienced owner as we feel he deserves a chance to have a loving home environment.

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