***This cocker boy puppy needs a home with a dog social pal. This way, he can learn from him/her what's expected to be a good companion. He needs reassurance due to not being properly socialized in the first few months of his life.

Meet Dale, a very handsome, 6 month old chocolate Cocker Spaniel boy puppy. He came to rescue with his brother, Chip and his mother, Sassy from an owner who could no longer afford to care for them. They all came to rescue for a new start and a better life. He will need a patient owner who can work with him on human interaction skills and a dog social buddy that can help him learn how to be a great companion.

He is a cute puppy boy and healthy. He has never been properly socialized and will need your help with human interaction issues, leash walking and is insecure with other things too. He does know how to go in and out of his crate. He will need your reassurance and patience to become a great companion. He will only be adopted to a home with a dog social pal that he can learn from and hang out with so that he or she can teach him the things he needs to know. We recommend a home with children 10 and older. He will also do best in a home that has a securely fenced yard. This way, when he goes out to potty or play, he will stay safe until he comes back inside to be your indoor companion and spend quality time with you. Please consider adopting this cutie, he will do well with someone who can work with him and appreciate him for the sweet guy that he is. He would love to share a great life with you!

His adoption fee is: $400.

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