THIS IS A COURTESY POSTING ONLY: Charlotte Cocker Rescue of NC is not to be held responsible for the health or temperament of this dog. We have agreed to do this Courtesy Posting to help this NC Shelter find a new forever home for this senior cocker boy. YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT THIS SHELTER ABOUT Snoopy to find out more: Contact information is shown below.

URGENT, SHELTER LISTING: This senior cocker boy needs rescue/adoption with ear ablation surgery a priority. He is a wonderful dog!

Snoopy is a 12 year old, neutered male cocker spaniel looking for a home and someone who can financially afford to take care of him. He is house trained and a genuine sweet soul who must have been very loved. His owner died and he was surrendered to our NC shelter along with a companion. The owners children had taken him to his vet and asked to have him put down. The vet would not do it without permission from the deceased owner so the family decided to just turn him into our shelter.

He has come to us with an extremely infected right ear. Due to neglect from his owner to get it taken care of, the ear canal is completely closed and swollen. He is currently on antibiotics. His chronic ear issue will need a major surgery. Because his ear is closed up, it will require ear ablation to help it get better. He also has a cherry eye that has never been fixed. This cocker boy is a sweetheart and deserves to find a home with someone who can afford to take care of his ear needs to help him feel better. He may be an older dog, but he will be a wonderful companion for someone to adopt and love. Please help us to quickly find him a home, life in a shelter is no place for a wonderful older dog like this one who will definitely make someone very happy to have him as a part of the family. Contact information is as shown below if you are interested in finding out more about Snoopy.

Contact Information:


Henderson County Animal Services

828 Stoney Mountain Road

Hendersonville, NC 28791

Email us at: