PLEASE HELP US: Donations Urgently Needed: This nice cocker boy needs heartworm treatment to get well before he can be adopted to a forever home. Please donate today: Send to: CCR, P.O. Box 1050, Kannapolis, NC 28081. Thank you for your kindness.

Meet Riley, a smaller male red n white cocker spaniel about 4 to 5 years old with a natural tail. He might be mixed with a bit of Pekingese or some small breed, but looks mostly cocker. He came to rescue with 2 other cocker boys thought to be his brothers from a local shelter. All 3 of them were together and running around loose until they got picked up as strays by NC Animal Control. When no owner came looking for them the staff asked for rescue help when all 3 tested as strong heartworm positive.

In addition to being heartworm positive our vet found that his needs have sadly been neglected. He came to us matted, filthy dirty, with skin issues and an ear infection. He was also covered with ticks and fleas and had hooks and whipworms. Shortly after coming here all 3 cocker boys developed a horrible case of respiratory infection, so they were given medicine. Before we get heartworm treatment done, he will be neutered and have a dental. It seems that someone must have loved these 3 boys because they are so loving, gentle and really nice guys. He is an incredibly sweet guy and dearly craves human attention and love. On a recent vet trip, he did well interacting with children 7 years and older. He does have some visual issues that we noticed after seeing him act different than the other two cockers. The vet says that he is going blind from a rare genetic disorder called PRA -Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Nothing can be done for him. He will eventually be totally blind. The vet recommends that he be adopted to a home with one of my brothers, he seems to do best and favors Ferguson. Ferguson seems to be more bonded to him more than being with Ian. Due to his eye issues, he needs to be with Ferguson, his seeing companion to help me feel comfortable with things.

Please donate today to help this nice boy to get his heartworm treatment done. You can send in a donation to: CCR, P.O. Box 1050, Kannapolis, NC 28081 or call your donation into our rescue vet: Cabarrus Animal Hospital in Kannapolis, NC. Their phone number is: 704-786-6102, tell them you want to donate to Donna Carpenter's Rescue account for Riley. Thank you for your kindness to help us get this boy well.

His adoption fee will be $350 after he has heartworm treatment and recovery time.