ADOPTED: My playmate pal Tuck Tuck and I both got a home together with a nice family. We are so happy.

No Phone Calls: Please fill out an application and send it back to us by email.

Meet OSO Bear. He is a 2 1/2 year old blonde cocker spaniel boy. In late September, he and a female cocker were found hanging around in the front yard of a nice lady and her NC family with no intentions of leaving. It was just after Hurricane Florence hit our NC coastal areas and the rain hit the triad. They were wet, dirty, matted and flea infested. Both of them were scared and very skittish. The nice lady cleaned them up and tried really hard to find the owner. She found out quickly that they must have been backyard dogs and fed only scraps because they wouldn't eat dog food. Being a single mom, she asked for rescue help because she just couldn't afford to keep them and the female cocker companion was pregnant. Transport was arranged and they were both taken to the rescue vet.

He is heartworm negative, updated on shots and he came here just slightly anemic but healthy. His ears looked pretty good and he is now neutered. He has done really well here with the rescue dogs. A favorite play companion of his is Tuck Tuck, a young cocker pup who looks up to him as a mentor. Oso Bear is a nice cocker boy who will be a great indoor companion and a wonderful best friend. Some really nice people put in an application for him, got approved and said they might also like to adopt Tuck Tuck. They met both dogs and really loved them. Tuck Tuck and Oso Bear (now called Charlie) got a great new forever home together. Yippie.

His adoption fee is: $400.