Meet Noah, a small, petite 5 month old red n white cocker spaniel puppy with a cherry eye. His owner was a breeder who was moving and did not want him anymore so she listed him on Craig's List. A good Samaritan saw the listing and called to see if he was still available. He set up a time and quickly went to get him. He wanted to rescue this sweet boy and do the right thing to get him a good home. He couldn't keep Noah, so he contacted this rescue to make sure that his cherry eye would get fixed before going to a forever home.

Noah is heartworm negative, a bit underweight due to lack of nutrition,will now be neutered and have his eye fixed. He is a good boy, friendly and happy. He will be a wonderful companion for someone to adopt and love after his cherry eye is tacked with recovery time afterwards to make sure that it holds. He is a real small guy possible due to not being fed enough food as a youngster growing up. Now, he is being fed properly and hopefully it will help him to catch up a little so that he is a healthier/stronger boy. As you can see by his picture, he is a cutie and will be a wonderful companion for you to adopt and love. Maybe he is your new best friend.........he would love to be your sweet baby boy and have you spoil him with the attention and love that he deserves. His adoption fee is: $400.