Hi There, Please help us to find a new home where we can be together. CCR is helping our owner to find us a new forever home.

My name is Monty and this is my sister Mitzi. We are chocolate cocker spaniels about 8 years old looking for a new forever home where we can stay together. We belong to an elderly woman who lives here in NC. She can no longer care for us because she is losing her fight for live to cancer. She adopted us separately, me in 2011 and Mitzi in 2014. She adored us and we have had a good life. We have been spoiled, very loved and well taken care of. I came from a rescue in SC and Mitzi was found on the streets in Winston Salem, NC. We are both sweet, loving doggies. We are neutered and spayed, current on vaccinations and necessary vet care. Our vet paperwork will be given to the new owner. We have been to a groomer several times and have done well with it.

Their background:

Monty (all chocolate) loves to play and chase balls or toys. He would love a home where he can be active. He gets along well with both adults and children. A fenced yard would be wonderful, he has a great disposition, lots of spirit and joy. He does well on a leash. He thrives on routine but will easily adapt to a new schedule if given the chance. He has had the run of the house with this owner and did well, but is adaptable and currently stays in a crate until he and Mitzi get adopted.

Mitzi (chocolate with white in face) came to live with Monty and this owner in 2014. She was found in NC living on the streets. She had puppies and was found by a neighbor. She is sweet, kind, shy and the perfect lap dog. She loves to sit with you and watch TV. She has little interest in being outside, other than to do her business. She will thrive and be very happy with someone who will love her and adore her as much as possible. She will adapt well to a new environment and she is a low maintenance indoor dog.

Mitzi and Monty would love to find a home where they can stay together. They have been together since 2014. Losing their home with this wonderful owner has been sad and really hard on them.They definitely deserve to find their perfect forever home together to enjoy the rest of their lives with someone who will truly love them for the wonderful cocker dogs that they are.

Please fill out a CCR application to be approved. Once approved, we will contact the owner to let her know we have a potential candidate for a great home.