This nice cocker boy finished his heartworm treatment and is ready for a home. He does have some vision impairment, but will be a wonderful companion for someone to adopt, love and take care of as needed.

Meet Marley, a 6 to 7 year old buff male cocker boy weighing about 29 pounds. He was running around loose and got picked up as a stray by NC Animal Control. No owner came to claim him. The shelter asked for rescue help because he tested as a strong heartworm positive. We learned that he had several other health issues due to neglect of care that could have been prevented.

He came to us badly matted and with green goo in my eyes which is from dry eye. He also had an ear infection that has been treated, a grade 2 heart murmur and he is partially visually impaired (he can see a little). He has had heartworm treatment and after some rest and going through recovery time, now he is ready for a home. If you can adopt him as he is and love him and just take care of his needs as necessary, he would love to be your new best friend. He is a happy, very nice guy who likes everyone. He will be a wonderful companion for you to love and spend quality time with. Please give him a 2nd chance to have the loving home that he deserves.