Adoption Fee: $200.

NO PHONE CALLS: Please just fill out an adoption application and email it back to us to be approved. This Shepherd mix girl can be with children 10 plus years old. A Secure, 5 to 6 foot Fenced Yard Is A Must.

Meet Luna, a Shepherd mix girl about 10 months old. Life for her has not been so good. She was adopted last year as a young pup to an owner who already had a cocker spaniel boy. Before she came to live with them, this cocker was kept outside on a chain until NC Animal Control came and told them they could not keep an outdoor dog chained due to NC Law.Their yard was not fenced, so they had put together a make shift dog shelter with no floor except the dirty ground. It was a small space for the cocker to live in so he would whine and cry. They adopted Luna to keep him company to shut him up. The two of them were put into this make shift enclosure. It was crowded and both of them wanted out because the shelter was to small for both to stay in all the time. They would bark and whine and their owner didn't like it. With the floor being dirt, they would dig out and roam the neighborhood a lot. A nice neighbor lady with dogs of her own would see them running loose, found out where they lived and would take them home. They were punished and put back into the enclosure each time. This lady could see that Luna and Kokie were not being cared for properly so Animal Control was called many times. Eventually the owner moved out of state, leaving both of them behind with family. They did not want the dogs. Both were filthy dirty with ear infections and had fly bitten ears caked with dried blood. It was quite obvious that these people didn't care. With a neighbors help, they got rescued and came here to CCR.

Luckily, both of them tested as heartworm negative. Luna is now on flea/tick and heartworm prevention and a good food diet. Her ear infections and fly bitten ears have been treated and she is now spayed. She is a sweet, loving dog who deserves a great home environment and someone to love her. She is dog social, people friendly and child friendly with children 10 and older. She is learning leash walking. She will need guidance on how to ride in a car properly. She has done pretty well being in the house if we let her out often enough, but will need your help to be completely house trained. She has done well hanging out and playing with our other dogs. She is a nice girl and would love to find her forever home. She enjoys lots of attention, love, being taken care of properly and will be a wonderful indoor companion to spend quality time with. She will be a great best friend and a wonderful companion to love. She will only be adopted out to a home with a secure, 5 to 6 foot fenced yard to keep her safe and happy. You will need to go outside with her each time because she freaks out from being scared by certain noises or other issues. She then becomes an escape artist due to her past life being kept outside with no guidance on what's right or wrong. As a youngster who is a big girl, she has grown up with no training on how to be a great companion. She is a super nice dog with a great personality. She will make someone very happy to adopt her, you will just have to work with her on a few things in a home environment.

Luna's Adoption fee is: $200.