Donations Urgently Needed: Please help us raise $2200 so that this sweet cocker boy can get cataract surgery done to both eyes. He will not be adopted out until after cataract surgery is done with a bit of recovery time to heal. Please donate to the cataract vet care needs for this cocker boy. Thank you for your kindness to help us take care of his vision issues.

Meet Frosty, a smaller male cocker boy about 6 years old. He was taken to a NC shelter as a stray on a day when they were closed. The person tried to leave him on the door step in a laundry basket. Luckily, the shelter officer on duty happened to see him laying in the basket and caught up with them before they got off the grounds. He was heavily matted, his right front paw was severed/chewed off, his ears were a mess and his eyes very cloudy. A glimpse of his teeth suggested that he wasn't an old dog. He was hospitalized, cleaned up and their vet found that the only option was to amputate his leg. Long story short version, the person trying to leave him was actually the owner and didn't want him anymore. His right front leg was amputated at the shelter and then they asked for rescue help.

He is heartworm negative and will be neutered when he is strong enough for another surgery. His anemia issues have been treated and we have taken him to the vet specialist for an eye consult.The specialist said yes, he can have eye suregery on both eyes, the cost will be about $2200. Now we just need to raise the money to pay his vet costs. He is a sweet, happy, happy guy and a smaller cocker. He came here weighing just 13 pounds. On a good food diet he is now up to 15 pounds and we hope he will gain just a bit more. The injury to his foot must have been very painful, so we are guessing that he chewed/severed it off to relieve the pain when his owner never took him for any vet care. After surgery at the shelter, he was brought here to get some much needed rest to recover. It was only a few days until he started walking on three legs and has been doing better day by day. He is a good eater and gets along well with the other rescue dogs. After cataract surgery is done and some recovery time, he will need to find a new forever home without any children.He can be adopted out to a home with teen children or older, who understand that being a tripod is not a big thing, but he will need to be handled with care. Please be one of his Special Angels and donate to help with his cataract needs at the Vet Specialist. We need $2200 to take care of both of his eyes so that he can see again and have a great rest of his life.

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Send donation to: CCR, P.O.Box 1050, Kannapolis, NC 28081 with his name on it.