No Phone calls please: This cocker boy has a long road of recovery before he can be adopted out.

Donations Urgent: Please donate to help us get ACL Leg surgery done for this sweet cocker boy. He deserves to have a better life and we can help him feel better by getting his ACL surgery done. He has had one leg surgery done and is on recovery. We need donations coming in ASAP as each leg surgery is costing us $1,000. Please donate today. Thank you for your kindness to help this very nice cocker boy to have a better future and a happier life.

Meet Dumpster, a black n white cocker spaniel boy about 6 years old. He is an owner surrender to rescue because he hurt his back leg, the vet said he needed ACL surgery and his owners couldn't afford his care. He lived with a nice elderly couple for 5 years. He was about a year old when they found him tossed away at a trash dump covered in fecal and urine, just outside of a dumpster that was sitting on the site. That's how he got his name. They gave him a home after his first owners had abandoned him and just left him. They asked for rescue help to get his vet care needs done.

He came to us as a sweet, timid, scared cocker boy. At the rescue vet he was evaluated and we found out that he could hardly walk. Turns out, this ACL issue to his one rear leg actually happened in February of this year. We also learned that his left rear leg will need ACL surgery too from an old injury. Surgery for the left rear was done on June 8th. He is on recovery time until he can have the 2nd surgery for the other leg. We urgently need donations coming in to help pay his numerous vet bills. CCR must raise $2000 to cover both leg surgeries.Please donate today to Dumpster's vet care. His initial vet bill including evaluation cost us $400 just to update his care needs that were never done by the elderly owners. He has had a very unhappy past with his first owners leaving him to die in a dump site. This elderly couple saved him and then after 5 years could no longer afford his care. Please help CCR to raise the money to get this sweet cocker boy well. He deserves a 2nd chance to be loved, cared for properly and placed into a loving home environment. He will be a wonderful dog for you to love after he gets well.

You can donate by using the button below by Paypal to: or credit card.

or send in a check to: CCR, P.O. Box 1050, Kannapolis, NC 28081. You can also call donations into our rescue vet as shown below. CABARRAS ANIMAL HOSPITAL, 704-686-6102 and tell them that you would like to donate to Donna Carpenter's rescue account to help pay for Dumpster's vet bills.

All donations, big or small are greatly appreciated and tax deductible.