I am now ADOPTED! I have been in a great foster home and doing well. These folks really love me and care about me--so they decided to adopt me. Yippie, I am a very happy cocker boy!

Meet Colbie, a 9 year old black cocker spaniel boy with a white blaze chest. He came to this rescue in January of 2011 after losing his family because he growled at the owners wife and then they just didn't want him anymore. At our vet we learned that he was heartworm positive due to owner neglect of not providing prevention, so he had to have heartworm treatment before he could find a new home. He recovered well. He was 2 1/2 years old and got adopted out to a nice home. Several months later, he even had another cocker pal that was adopted from this rescue. Unfortunately and sad for him, he has been returned to us because the owners husband said that he had to many accidents in the house and had to go. We think it might be possible that he just wasn't being let outside often enough to know what proper house rules were to be a good indoor companion.

He is heartworm negative and a good boy. He will do best in a home with someone who can work with him on house training issues and not punish him unnecessarily due to his past. He cannot be placed into a home with children.