NO PHONE CALLS: Please fill out an application and send it back to us by email. This cocker boy needs to find an adult only home without any kids or young grandkids, he doesn't do well with children. A fenced yard is an added plus as he is strong on a leash.

Meet Charley, a tri-colored cocker spaniel boy with a bit of mix. He is about 3 years old. He seems to be mostly cocker. We don't know for sure what else he is mixed with as he weighs about 46 pounds. Life for this boy has been a rocky beginning as a youngster growing up. He has had several homes with no real chance to settle in and be happy. He was turned into a SC shelter at an early age, adopted out, turned back into the shelter and then adopted to an older couple where he was doing well. Only problem was that they had grandkids visit them and he did not feel comfortable with them, they would make him scared and nervous.

He is heartworm negative and healthy. He is very strong on a leash and does not like anyone messing with his feet. If you try to crate him, he will be a little hesitant, but he will go in on his own. Due to his unstable past, we feel that he needs to be in an adult only home with no kids and no young grandchildren who might visit. He needs an owner who is willing to work with a trainer to help him overcome the issues he has that need to be tweaked for the better. Since coming to us, his foster family can't figure out why he was having such a difficult time with things. Maybe, his owners just got a bit frustrated at his overly active, bubbly, tail wagging behavior. His foster mommy says she doesn't get why he would act out because she hasn't seen any of this behavior from him. Seems strange and odd at the same time. If you are willing to give this cocker boy a chance and won't give up on him, he would love to find a new home as your indoor companion and a best friend. A dream come true for him is to find a calm, loving home environment with a dog savvy owner with no children or grandkids. Someone who will go the extra mile for him because he wants a happy life too. Maybe he is your perfect new friend. He deserves a chance to be well care for, wanted and loved.

His adoption fee is: $350.