NO APPLICATIONS OR PHONE CALLS PLEASE: We Are Not Taking Any More Applications For Alfie. We already have several people who are interested in adopting him after his lengthy recovery. These applications will be reviewed and approved when we feel he is ready and can find his new home. He Will Be Here With Us For awhile until he recovers and can find a home. He will be a special needs puppy. Please donate to his care to help us while he is recovering from a major surgery. He is a real cutie with a great personality and he deserves a great home.

Meet Alfie. a blue roan cocker spaniel puppy. He needed heart surgery done to save his life. He was part of a litter of pups born to a breeder. At 8 weeks old, a nice couple came to choose a puppy. They adopted him because he was such a cutie and they really wanted him. At 9 weeks old, his second puppy shot was due. They took him to their vet and asked for a wellness exam and puppy shot. The vet checked him over and diagnosed a grade 5 heart murmur that they didn't know about. He then referred them to NC State to get a heart echo done. NC State told them that he has Pulmonic Stenosis, a very severe condition and he needed surgery ASAP to save his life. His new family was heartbroken to hear this sad news. They had plans to move out of the country and they thought that they had adopted a healthy dog. The vet specialist could see that they were overwhelmed with sadness, disappointed and in tears. They got the necessary heart medicines and were told the surgery would be costly. Before they headed out the door, the vet specialist told them about an option to consider that would get this pup into a NC Cocker Spaniel Rescue if they had room and could take him. At CCR his vet care costs and surgery needs would be taken care of. All they had to do was make the phone call. The family had been told what it would take medically to save this pups life and help him live as close as possible to that of a normal dog.

Overwhelmed with sadness, they scooped him up and left the clinic. It was a hard, difficult drive home with him on their lap and all of this to think over and make a decision. They took a few days and then made the call to talk to us. Arrangements were made and we picked him up in the rescue van. It was not easy for his family to give him up and say goodbye.His life saving surgery was scheduled at NC State. We diligently worked on raising the money to pay his vet costs of $2500 to $3000. His care from this day on will include several ultrasounds, medication, and a new home with someone who will go the extra mile to keep him healthy. Time was critical.....we needed immediate financial help to save his life! A big thank you to those folks who helped to pay for Alfie's heart surgery. He wasn't ready to die. He is just a happy, playful puppy who needed a necessary surgery ASAP to live his life. Now he has been adopted by an owner who will indeed go the extra mile to help him live life for however long he has to live. He was one happy puppy when he left us. He will now be loved, well cared for and greatly appreciated for the wonderful boy that he is as a special needs doggie.

His adoption fee is: $400.