Welcome to the website!   Charlotte Cocker Rescue, Inc., is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a passionate commitment to rescue these loyal and gentle dogs. Dogs find themselves in need of rescue for many reasons: Being found as a stray, neglect, or loss of their owner.


We feel that they deserve a relationship with someone that will give them the love and security of a forever home.  In no time at all they will become part of your family.  

Explore our website and check out our cockers available for adoption as well as our “honorary” cockers.   Will you be the person that restores their trust?   All they ask for is a chance to love and be loved.

We hope you will come back often and become a member of our rescue family sharing in our mission to save these wonderful pets.  Be sure to join us on Facebook as well!

Fundraising Event 2016/17
CCR Calendars(18 month) Reduced Price -Now $12 each Email Donna Carpenter at: larrydonnacarp@aol.com

Fundraising Event -Still Available:
Please Support CCR AutoBell car wash Tickets Locations in NC, SC, VA and GA $15.99 Each Email Donna Carpenter at: larrydonnacarp@aol.com

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